• Private Seller Tables - Crepe City LONDON 2018


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  • Crepe City London

    Old Truman Brewery

    20th October 2018


    Crepe City provides a range of different spaces for big and small sellers and exhibitors at our events.

    Our Private Seller Tables are for the little guys - customisers, sneaker collectors and artists and individuals or small groups of friends selling sneakers or clothing from their collection.

    We try to keep the price of these spaces as low as possible, so that everyone who wants to can be part of the event.  

    To avoid disappointment please read the descriptions below about the other types space we offer before making a purchase. 

    Clothing & Accessory Brands

    For up-and-coming clothing or accessory brands, please check the "Brands" tab above 

     Private Seller Tables

    For individuals and groups of friends selling footwear from a collection, customisers and artists.

    From only £45 per table. Available to purchase from this page.

    Crepe City exists to provide the best place for small sellers and collectors to meet up and trade. We have the world's largest collection of private sellers from across the UK and Europe. Whether you've got 100 or 10 pairs to sell you're welcome at CC.

    To book a Private Seller Table you must be either an:

    • An individual private sneaker seller.
    • A person selling clothing from your collection (i.e.: Supreme / Palace / Nike / Adidas / Stussy etc)
    • A sneaker artist. 
    • A customiser or collector.

    Private Seller Tables are provided at the events discretion. If you do not meet one of the criteria above, or you are deemed unsuitable to use a space, you will be notified by Crepe City and refunded for your booking. 

     Booking Details:

    • Each individual table comes with 1 Seller wristband for the named seller inclusive of the price. This means that one table comes with one wristband, two tables include two wristbands and four table packages include four wristbands. 
    • Additional wristbands per Private Seller Package are available at £20 each and can be purchased on our site. If you purchase 1 table and 4 wristbands you will have 5 in total, 2 tables and 4 bands will grant you 6 and so on. 
    • All tables are sized at 6ft x 2.5ft per table.
    • Sellers are encouraged to bring a table cloth and other display items to help them standout and improve the look of their stall.
    • Display Walls with pegs are available at our discretion for displaying shoes. Please email Ron@crepecity.co.uk for more information. 
    • Sellers are required to arrive to set up their space at least 3.5 hours before the event opens to the public. Exhibitor admissions close promptly 2 hours before open doors to ensure that late coming sellers don't delay the event. No refund will be provided for late entry. 

    Wristbands are issued at Crepe City's discretion.
    All sellers must enter the event before 9am in order to receive their wristband.
    The wristband purchaser must present at the event and show their credit card or ID.
    Must be purchased by the SAME PERSON that has purchased the SELLER TABLE


    Table Packages:

    Please use the illustrations below to choose your Table Package. Prices are shown at the top of the page:


    Please note that drawings are not to scale and that table arrangements may vary on the day. 

    Arrangement and location of tables is at Crepe City's discretion and you will be notified of your location on the day.

    Private Seller Restrictions: 

    • No banners, flyers, business cards or other promotional material. 
    • No Clothing/Accessory brands.
    • Anyone selling fakes will be removed from the event without a refund.
    • Please bare in mind that this is a community event when pricing shoes for your table.
    • Please be aware Crepe City holds the rights and usage to all images taken by our photographers within the event. 

    For larger brands or more space please contact ron@crepecity.co.uk.


Private Seller Tables - Crepe City LONDON 2018